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Are You being Driven Mad by Your Overthinking?
16 March 2017
You're Not the Only One! Do you ever find yourself overthinking a situation or worrying about something that is usually out of your control? It affects some of us more than others, but if you find you’re particularly prone to overthinking, it can become quite detrimental to your overall mental health and well-being. Our brains are wired in such a way that it feels easy to negatively overthink or imagine whole scenarios. This is because throughout our evolution it’s paid off to do this; for example if primitive man or woman were scanning the surroundings and planning their next move,…
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Five Vital Components when You’re Feeling Rock Bottom
17 October 2016
Don't Give Up! If you're going through a particularly hard time and struggling to cope, then I want to encourage you to not give up! When we're experiencing difficult times, sometimes it can feel like we're going to feel this way forever. Or perhaps it may even feel like there's no way out and no light at the end of that long, dark tunnel. I know this because I have been there and have felt like giving up myself on more than one occasion! It's a dark and scary place to be but more often than not a few, small…
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Beating Depression
12 August 2016
Feeling Down? Everybody has heard the term depression before, or even experienced it themselves...but what is depression? I could go into a bit about the science behind depression and write an extensive list of symptoms. But for me depression doesn't have to be just about putting people into the right categories or ticking off the right boxes, in order to meet the right criteria. It can be a different experience for each of us and perhaps we're even all on a spectrum. Some may feel it a lot more than others, some of us may have it in waves, or…
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Stress Series Part 3
2 August 2016
How do we reduce stress? In Parts One and Two of my blog we have identified what stress is and what causes it, but what can we do to combat it? Firstly you need to be able to recognise when you are being affected by stress. Sometimes it can creep up on us slowly overtime and we don't realise how it's impacting us. Refer back to Part One in my stress series and see whether you're suffering from any of the stress symptoms. Once you've spotted the signs you can begin to take some responsibility for it! Realise that we…
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Stress Series Part 2
29 July 2016
What causes stress? In Part One we covered what stress is,  so now we can begin to establish what causes it. With this understanding, we can all slowly make changes in our lives and keep our stress down for good. Stress is caused by our negative thinking patterns surrounding the events in our lives, rather than the event itself i.e. it's how we think about the situation that gives us that 'perception of danger' and therefore putting us in fight or flight mode. This may explain why you can have two people in a similar scenario where one may be…
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Stress Series Part 1
21 July 2016
 What is stress? Stress. A feeling that we are all familiar with, yet so many of us don't want to admit to enduring because of our fear of “looking weak” or “unable to cope”. However stress is a natural and normal part of everyday life that is there for our survival and keeps us alive. It is only in our modern day lives that it can start to become troublesome and affects many of our mental health states negatively. Yet if we could all fully understand what is happening to our body and why, we could learn to manage our…
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Part Two- 6 Helpful Hints for Feeling More Positive
25 January 2016
In my last post I talked about our ability to change in relation to the brain and how we can form new neural pathways to live a more positive life. It's good knowing this because it means there's a way of overcoming things that may have got in our way for years. Whether that's battling with anxiety or kicking an old habit, there can be another way. But how do we go about doing this? It takes a bit of practise and a lot of commitment if you are truly serious about forming a new path and leaving the old…
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Part One- Our Ability to Change
10 January 2016
As we all get into the swing of January and the New Year, for most of us there will be many thoughts going through our minds. Whether these are new year resolutions, new goals we are wanting to attain, or even old goals we never pursued- it is a time of year to reassess our lives and put into action some really positive change. Of course we don't have to wait for the New Year to create change, but it is a great time of year to really get us all thinking about what sort of direction we would like…
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