Initial Consultation

The first session will be the initial consultation where you will be able to explain the aspects that you would like to change or need help with. I will be able to assess how many sessions you will likely need and also explain how the brain works, how you can use this knowledge to move forwards and how the therapy can help you. You will also receive a complimentary CD or MP3 to listen to in between sessions.

Duration: 40-60 minutes approx.

Cost: Half price- £30

Subsequent Sessions

The following sessions will then be a combination of Solution Focused Psychotherapy, where I will guide you to focus on the positives and solutions, and steer you towards your preferred future. This will then lead into the hypnosis part of the session- click here for a more detailed explanation.

Duration: 50-60 minutes

Cost: £60 per session


These sessions require an initial consultation and then three further sessions, using the Rewind and Reframe techniques,

Duration: 50- 60 minutes

Cost: Initial Consultation- half price £30; following sessions £60 each

Stop Smoking

This is a one-off session that will require you to engage in an explanation of the brain in relation to smoking, and how you can stop. This is then reinforced by hypnosis and you will also receive a CD or MP3 to listen to afterwards. A strong desire to be ready to give up is required.

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Cost: £130

Payment & Cancellation Policy

I accept cash, cheque or bank transfer, which is usually paid at the end of each session. Due to costs, I require at least 24 hours notice of cancellation via telephone, text or email. If an appointment is cancelled with less notice then half the session fee will apply.

Bulk Buy Offer

I am now off offering a discount on sessions, when bought in advance in bulk.

12 Sessions for the price of 11- £660

6 sessions for the price of 5- £300






*Results may vary from client to client.