When was the last time you were outside your comfort zone?

Quite often in life people are afraid to explore feelings that are a little uncomfortable, preventing them from moving forwards with their life. Maybe you want to leave your job? Start a business? Start a new hobby? New exercise class? Whatever it is sometimes we can have the best of intentions or desires, but when it comes down to it our minds get in the way and hold us back. The brain likes comfort. It likes what is familiar and safe so will say what it needs to in order to keep you in your comfort zone. And even though there are many things you want to try and do, you could end up for years not moving forwards with it because the discomfort feels too difficult to cope with!

If this sounds familiar then just take a moment to really recognise what is going on here. Acknowledge that it’s just your brain’s way of keeping you safe and out of harm’s way, which dates back to our primitive days. Once you’ve had that recognition then you can begin to realise that there small steps you can make that won’t feel as daunting. For example if your goal is to go to a new exercise class but each week as you attempt to go, you feel too overwhelmed. Instead ask yourself what small, step forwards could you take towards this goal, and build yourself up. So it may be that you ask a few friends to go along with you, or you contact the fitness instructor beforehand to let them know you’re coming, or you find a class that’s close to home so you feel more able to do it. Whatever it may be for you, each little step you can make will help you along the journey. Eventually you would have built up more skills and courage over time to be able to reach your goal.

So stepping out of your comfort zone is much easier when you break it down into little bits. Just allow yourself to have a little bit of discomfort, rather than totally overwhelm yourself, and then you can build up a tolerance. The more you start doing this, the easier it’ll be to step out of your comfort zone in the future, helping you to live the life you want to.

If you find you’re struggling and need some help, hypnotherapy is a great way to help you move forwards in small, steps. Get in touch today if you’d like to discuss further.